My current practice concerns architecture as an emblematic form, with paintings that evolve out of several stages of production. Preparatory drawing, the collection of photographs and the construction of fictitious collaged spaces, have been key to the development of canvases.

    The work has split into two key areas of work. This includes a more recent series of realist oil paintings of imaginary landscapes featuring architecture, which focus on time and place. Through their immersive and atmospheric spaces, these paintings connect with the parallel world of film and TV, with points of reference including science fiction and the history of speculative architectural design.

    Alongside, an earlier series of semi-abstracted works (developed between 2010 and 2022) explore the process and language of painting, questioning how architectural language and pattern can be utilised within painting and drawing as a representation of form and space. These fictitious collaged spaces are usually large-scale and built up in layers.