Phase I - painting, drawing, architecture (2016-2020) > Phase IV : Intersections - Art / Architecture, University of Greenwich, London, 2020

Phase IV : Intersections - Art / Architecture
Stephen Lawrence Gallery and Project Space
University of Greenwich
15 January - 21 February 2020

Exhibitors include:
Emmanuelle Castellan; George Charman; Valérie du Chéné; David Coste; Bernice Donszelmann; Flea Folly Architects; Jaime Gili; Olivier Gourvil; Andrew Grassie; Steve Johnson; Chloe Leaper; Mary Maclean; Didier Mencoboni; Suzanne Mooney; Laurent Proux; Tim Renshaw; Felix Robbins; David Ryan; Anna Salamon; Benet Spencer; Alaena Turner; April Virgoe; Daniela Yaneva